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Why Join Serge Realty?

Serge Realty proudly trains and mentors every one of our agents to make sure everyone has a good start to their real estate careers. We have checklists for everything you can think of, templated documents for getting used to filling out forms and ongoing education so you never miss an update in any rules or laws. 

We have an in-house system that was made to make your deals easier. Since we developed it ourselves, if you have any suggestions you can talk directly to us and you will never be on long phone calls trying to figure out why something isn’t working.

This system handles everything you need, such as:

     – Keeping track of what step you’re in for each deal, and what you still need to do. For example, did you book the photographer for next thursday yet?

     – Makes uploading files and keeping track of your paperwork easy, you do everything inside the system with your company email, one account for everything. 

    – Accounting, seeing how much you’ve made in the last calendar year, how much you have in pending cheques, and printouts for your accountant to make filing taxes easy.

     – And so much more!

We are very accepting of new ideas too, the system is always being improved so if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them! This will help you and our whole family make every future deal that much smoother.